Our mission is our tag line. Survive Life. We are all born with the natural instinct to survive. Like a soldier in battle, survival is essential in today’s overcrowded world. Survive work. Survive school. Survive the daily grind. We source specialty products to let you keep moving in today's urban jungle. From camping and hunting to daily work-wear, McGuire Gear will join you everyday in the city and follow you on the off the-beaten trails of the world.

Mcguire Gear was proudly born in the USA. Our roots are a small company bringing genuine issue surplus gear and wear to the market at great deals. As we expanded, our deep appreciation for a quality American made item heightened. We are proud of our country, our strength, our perseverance, and our progressive attitude! That is why we strive to bring you durable products made in the USA.

We carry a line of work wear basics for everyday use. Find outerwear jackets, parkas, coats, and puffers. Many of our items are genuine issue from the US military. We sell a line of survival gear, fashion forward indoor apparel, and clean cut styles to keep you going all day. Rediscover your favorite accessories. Rediscover yourself. #surviveLife.

We make a diverse team of stylists, fashion gurus, military vets, and outdoors men. So shoot us any questions you have...don't worry- we won't tell anyone you asked!